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News 9.29.2012

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News Saturday, September 29th, 2012

By: Ian Willoughby

* The Czech police have called on members of the public for information
relating to an incident in which President Vaclav Klaus was attacked by
a man with a plastic pistol.

* There has been criticism of the ineffective response of President
Klaus's security detail to Friday's attack.

* Jana Bobosikova has become the latest candidate to gather the
signatures required to stand in next year's presidential election.

* Bela Gran Jensenova has been named Overseas Czech of the Year at a
ceremony in Prague.

* The Ministry of Health is to set up a new agency to oversee the
purchase of equipment for Czech hospitals, according to a newspaper

Police ask public for video footage of attack on president by man with
plastic pistol

The Czech police have called on members of the public to come forward
if they have any information - including video recordings - relating to
an incident on Friday in which President Vaclav Klaus was attacked by a
man with a plastic pistol. Mr. Klaus was not injured in the incident,
which occurred in the north Bohemian town of Chrastava, where he was
opening a new bridge. A man of 26 was arrested soon after shooting at
the president from very close range with a plastic "airsoft" pistol
that fires pellets. The attacker, who told reporters he had been acting
in protest at politicians' disregard for ordinary people, has been
charged with disorderly conduct.

Response of president's bodyguards to attack criticised

There has been criticism of the slow and ineffective response on the
part of President Klaus's bodyguards to Friday's attack. Security
analyst Andor Sandor told the Czech News Agency that the head of
state's security detail had been guilty of a fatal failure, while a
former bodyguard to senior state officials said if the attacker had
been carrying a real pistol "we would now have a dead president". Mr.
Klaus himself described the situation as an all-round failure. It was
reported on Saturday that the police's internal affairs department was
investigating the affair on suspicion of dereliction of duty.

Bobosikova third to gather enough signatures to stand for president

Jana Bobosikova has become the latest candidate to gather the 50,000
signatures required to stand in next January's presidential election,
her Sovereignty party said on Saturday. To date the only other
candidates to acquire the necessary signatures have been Milos Zeman
and Jan Fischer, two former prime ministers that polls suggest have the
highest chance of making it into the second, run-off round of the Czech
Republic's first direct presidential vote. Mrs. Bobosikova, whose party
support Czech "national interests" and have no seats in the country's
Parliament, was nominated unsuccessfully by the Communist Party in the
last, parliamentary election. The current Czech president, Vaclav
Klaus, is due to step down next March after two terms.

Bela Gran Jensenova named Overseas Czech of Year at Prague ceremony

Bela Gran Jensenova, who lives in Norway, was named Overseas Czech of
the Year at a ceremony on Friday night at Prague's National Theatre
organised by Czech Radio and Czech Television. Mrs. Jensenova is the
founder of Stonozka (Centipede), an organisation that helps children in
hospitals and other institutions in the Czech Republic and a number of
other states. She came first in a vote in which listeners and viewers
could choose between 20 Czech expatriates that have made notable
achievements. Second in the poll was U.S.-based plastic surgeon Bohdan
Pomahac, while the Prague-born former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine
Albright placed third. The ceremony was held in connection with this
year's Day of Czech Statehood, which was dedicated to Czechs living

Press: New Health Ministry agency to oversee purchase of hospital

The Czech Ministry of Health is to set up an agency to oversee the
purchase of technology and equipment for the country's publicly-owned
hospitals, Mlada fronta Dnes reported on Saturday. One reason it is
being established is to prevent a situation in which individual
hospitals buy the same equipment at different prices, the newspaper
said. All purchases over a value of CZK 100,000 will have to go through
the new office. Similar systems are in place in other European
countries, such as the United Kingdom and Austria.

Guided tours highlight interesting architecture around Czech Republic

Architects and theoreticians, many of whom are of the younger
generation, are giving free guided tours of significant historical
landmarks and contemporary buildings at 45 Bohemian and Moravian cities
and towns on Saturday and Sunday, as part of an event dubbed the Day of
Architecture. Almost 70 individual activities are being held, including
16 in the capital Prague; these range from tours of some of the city's
estates of prefabricated tower blocks to lectures on the work of
German-speaking architects that are today largely forgotten.

Czech Republic's second city Brno set for New York showcase

Preparations are underway for a showcase of the Czech Republic's second
city, Brno, at the Bohemian National Hall in New York on Monday and
Tuesday next week. Organisers say the event, entitled Brno Days-New
York, will present the Moravian capital's commercial and scientific
potential, as well as its cultural and architectural heritage, to U.S.
investors and businesses. One element of the showcase will be a seminar
on Brno's Villa Tugendhat, a world-renowned functionalist building that
reopened earlier this year after extensive renovation work.


The remainder of the weekend should see a good deal of sunshine in many
parts of the Czech Republic, though there will be rain in some places.
Daytime temperatures are expected to range from 16 to 20 degrees

Articles posted on today
Radio Prague goes back on air

For a few weeks just after the fall of communism, Radio Prague went
silent. Its days as a tool in the Cold War were over. After huge staff
cuts, and with the old communist managers gone, Radio Prague went back
on air early in 1990. A new era began for the English Section, and with
so many sweeping social and economic changes under way, there was
plenty to report about.
Science Journal 29.9.2012

Two stories of the fruitful work of Czech scientists on the
international scale in this month's Science Journal, both touching on
key modern issues of food production and climate change.
"Second Exile": a true story from communist Czechoslovakia in poetry
and prose

Born in 1946, Ales Machacek, has been through experiences that it is
hard for people from the west to imagine. In 1977 he was sentenced to
three years in prison for helping to distribute books and periodicals
that were banned by the regime in Czechoslovakia, and in 1985 he was
bullied into exile in London, as part of a secret police campaign to
get rid of troublesome dissidents. That was where he met his partner,
Jane Kirwan. Today they live in Prague, in a flat above an old cinema
built by Ales's grandparents nearly a century ago. All this has
provided inspiration for an unusual and moving book, "Second Exile", in
which Ales tells his story, interspersed with Jane's poems responding
to events in Ales's life, his family's history and their shared life.
David Vaughan reports.

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