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Episode date 29 August 2012
Interviews and reports
Let the games begin!
(Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)
At the opening of Paralympics in London, Canada is hoping to finish in the top eight of the overall medal count. But what are its chances? What role will enhanced technology play? Will the games be fair? What are the best events to watch?

For some answers RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with Fred Mason, a professor of kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick and involved with the International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario.
Hurricaine Connection
CP photo/Tim Krochak
When hurricaine season hits the Gulf of Mexico, Canadians pay attention.  The media coverage of Tropical Storm Isaac has been steady and thorough.

Rene Brunet grew up New Orleans. He remembers, as a child, the excitement of an approaching hurricaine; being on the move, gathering with other people to wait out the storm, in an almost festive atmosphere.

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