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Episode date 21 August 2012
Interviews and reports
Scientist calls for ban on sport hunting of caribou in western Labrador
The herd of George River caribou has shrunk so dramatically in the past 10 years, from about 385,000 animals in 2001, to fewer than 28,000 now, that a biologist is asking for a ban on sports hunting in the region.

Gilda Salomone speaks with biologist Steeve Côté, professor at Laval University and director of the research group Caribou Ungava.
Kitchen Wisdom Wanted
Rebecca and her Grandmother Safdie at the stove
Roots and Recipes is the name of a website that’s being built on experience. Rebecca Lessard is one of the women behind the endeavour. Her video of her grandmother’s stuffed zucchini, or Meshi Kusa, is both a delight to watch, and, for those of us who need more than written instructions, it’s all you need to try your hand at preparing the dish yourself.

Carmel Kilkenny spoke with Rebecca Lessard to find out more, but their conversation begins and ends with an excerpt from the video called, Meshi Kusa.
Remembering Canadian politician Jack Layton
Photo Canadian Press - Darren Calabrese
Canadian politician Jack Layton will be remembered in events across Canada on Wednesday, August 22, with the biggest event in the city of Toronto.

Last year, Layton was the leader of Canada's newly elected Official Opposition - the New Democratic Party (NDP), a left-of-centre social democratic party. But only months after his success in May of 2011, he died of cancer on August 22, 2011. The events surrounding "Remembering Jack Layton: A celebration of love, hope and optimism" this year are unusual for a Canadian politician, as was the outpouring of grief and appreciation last year.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Layton's son, Mike, about the celebration. Mike Layton is also a politician, a Toronto city councillor, like his father was.
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