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Episode date 17 August 2012
Interviews and reports
Canadian research could lead to the elimination of hip and knee replacement surgery
There has been some extremely exciting news from Canadian research into stem cells.

Dr Nizar Mohamed of the University Health Network in Toronto has been looking in using stem cells to grow cartilage. If successful, the cartilage could replace damaged cartilage caused by arthritis in such areas as hip joints and knees. This has the potential to reduce the costly and invasive surgeries for replacement of hips and knees. Currently there are about 50-thousand such surgeries annually in Ontario alone. In the US its about a million such surgeries annually.

Marc Montgomery reached Dr Mohamed via cell phone in Toronto.

James Bay Cree ban uranium mining
Hundreds of protesters gathered in Sept-Îles, Quebec in 2009 to protest against uranium exploration in Quebec.
Uranium mining is a controversial endeavour in Quebec. In the region around Lake Misstassini, preliminary exploration and consultation with the native people living there resulted in the Cree Grand Council recently declaring a permanent ban on uranium mining. This is not the first demonstration of opposition.

Carmel Kilkenny looked into the developments.

Canadian expertise in cultural sports psychology could help athletes win more medals
Up to 20 percent of Canada’s elite athletes were born in another country. That’s one of the reasons why Canada is a leader in cultural sports psychology, an area where multiculturalism and sports psychology intersect.

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