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Episode date 14 August 2012
Interviews and reports
Dieppe 70th anniversary of the controversial sacrifice
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It was called Operation Jubilee, but many know it as the "beaches of hell"

It was 1942 and the war was going badly for the allies. They needed a morale booster and information, and the Russians were pressing hard for an attack on western Europe.

The British plan in response, was to mount a large-scale raid on a poorly defended coastal town in France, and hold it briefly to to gather information and prisoners, before retreating.

Almost five thousand Canadians were assigned to the task, but within hours of the landing it was obvious it was a fiasco. The general staff claimed it a success in learning valuable lessons for the future landings in Italy and Normandy. To this day however, it remains a very contentious topicl.

Marc Montgomery spoke to two Canadian veterans who will be returning to Dieppe as part of a Canadian delegation to commemorate the 70th anniversary of this still controversial battle...

Poorer Canadians more likely to have health problems and chronic diseases
(CP PHOTO/Chuck Stoody)
A recent study by the Canadian Medical Association suggests that the health of Canadians is increasingly being affected by how much money they earn.

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