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Episode date 12 August 2012
ARTS-06 Sun Aug 12- Traditional wood schooner building, Lunneburg NS; Sound Art Fest, Toronto On.
(photo: Susan Corkum-Greek)
For Arts and Culture #06, We travel first to Lunenburg Nova Scotia which was once the hub of wooden boat building, especially the elegant schooners. Its now the home of North America's only full-time dory building shop, and where twin Tancook schooners are being built in the old traditional way. The first was launched this week.  We aslo hear about an event in Toronto at Artscape Wychwood Barns involving "sound art" also known as electro-acoustic music, although it need not involve music at all, rather an exploration and electronic manipulation of sounds

Theme music: Terry Tufts

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(Marc Montgomery: Host, producer, research, technician, web)
Shooting Stars in Canada’s Dark Sky Preserve
Astrolab in Mount Megantic National Park
The Perseids from Mount Megantic, Quebec
Politics Today August 12, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talks about the first days of the election campaign in Canada's second most populous province of Quebec. The predominantly French-speaking province has a history of being different, not only because of the language, but it's closeness to Europe and its tendency to support social democratic politics.

The ruling Liberal government of Premier Jean Charest hopes to get re-elected, while the separatist Parti Quebcois with leader Pauline Marois hopes voter disastifaction with the Liberals will bring it back to power. But as with all Quebec elections, there may be many surprises before the September 4 vote.
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