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Episode date 31 July 2012
Interviews and reports
London2012: Trying to avoid the white elephant
Courtesy Wiki Commons
As the 2012 Summer Games unfold in London, so we are seeing a monumental shift in the way Olympic host cities approach planning.

Gone are the days when Olympic organizers simply built everything they needed and dumped the bill on the taxpayer.

Joel Finlay is a former Olympic rower and Global Leader, Major Sporting Events, at accounting giant KPMG in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Yukon yarn bombs a DC-3
(Greg Skuce)
Knitters from all over North America are making a kind of tea cozy for an airplane. Yarn bombing has gained popularity as a public art form. Textile artist Jessica Vellenga thought it would be great to cover a DC-3 that sits outside the Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse in northern Canada. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins wanted to know more.
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