Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.7.2012

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The Four Corners of the Czech Republic, Pt. III: Zaolzie

The location of the Czech-Polish-Slovak tri-border can be described in a number of ways. Geographically, it's in the Beskydy mountain range. Politically, it's Silesia, the oft-forgotten "third" region of the Czech Republic, a strip of mixed Czech, Polish, German and Jewish heritage straddling the north-east border. 20th century conflict though renamed southern Silesia "Zaolzie", a Polish-perspective place name that means "beyond the Olza River". 21st century reality though has left the names Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic with little real meaning. This is after all the Slavic corner of the Czech Republic, where all three cultures, it seems, create a fourth.

Romani residents determined to stay in their homes despite eviction notice

After the deadline for evacuating condemned buildings in Ostrava's Přívoz district passed on Saturday night, around twenty five Romani families remained in their homes and have been carrying out minor repairs in an effort to get the eviction order reversed. Authorities visited the site on Monday to evaluate the state of each building, warning residents that they are remaining at their own risk. Radio Prague spoke to Kumar Vishwanathan from the Ostrava-based civic group Co-existence who had spent almost a week in the Přednádraží ghetto with these families. Here is how he explained the situation there right now.