Friday, August 31, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.31.2012

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Business News 31.8.2012

This week in business news: the government's economic advisory council says state institutions are not being frugal enough; fuel prices are breaking high records for the second week in a row; a Czech company will build wind generators in Pakistan; hops harvest this year is drastically lower than usual; and the two main Krkonoše ski resorts will now be run by private companies.

Muffs and veils - Hollar's original take on the Four Seasons

Born in Prague, he lived in Brussels, Stuttgart, Cologne, and later London and Antwerp, meticulously recording his surroundings and reflecting the society around him in his art. Václav or Wenceslaus, or even Wenzel, Hollar sounds like a modern-day European artist, but he actually lived four hundred years ago. Although he was brought up to go into law, Hollar became an etcher and draughtsman, whose work now provides us with beautifully detailed depictions of the people, architecture, landscapes and even a battle that took place in Europe in the seventeenth century. This week, the Czech National Gallery opened a small exhibit in the print room of the Schwarzenberg Palace of Hollar's allegorical etchings of the Four Seasons. I spoke to the exhibit's curator Alena Volrábová, and asked her why she selected these specific pieces for the exhibit:

Czech paralymic athletes start their medal campaign in the London 2012 games

This week a spectacular opening ceremony heralded the beginning of the 2012 Paralympic games in London with the themes of enlightenment and diversity. Czechs are being represented at the games by 52 athletes competing across many traditional events like athletics and swimming, but will also be appearing in paralympics-only sports such as Boccia.