Thursday, August 30, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.30.2012

Articles posted today

Celebrity chef laments current Czech food culture

In his weekly TV show "Ano, šéfe!" or "Yes, Boss!," Zdeněk Pohlreich sets restaurant owners straight. Some might say he is the closest equivalent that the Czech Republic has to Gordon Ramsay. And the Czech celebrity chef has some authority on the topic: he started cooking in 1975, then left the country shortly after the Velvet Revolution and spent some time working abroad. Since returning home, he has applied what he calls "the Western standard of cooking and service" to a number of restaurants around Prague. Zdeněk Pohlreich's current operation is the restaurant in the city's famous Hotel Imperial, where he talked about why so many restaurants fail at producing decent food.

Former police president says he will be vindicated of charges

Shockwaves have continued to reverberate across the Czech political scene over the unexpected firing of police president Petr Lessy. On Wednesday, the police official was relieved of duty with unusual speed after he was charged with libel and abuse of public office. The opposition slammed the step as an assault on the independence of the police.

Patient survives six months without heart

A patient in the Czech Republic has become the first person in the world to survive for nearly six months without a heart. The patient, a 37-year firefighter, had a malignant tumor that allowed immediate transplantation as the only alternative. When a donor was not found in time, his heart was replaced by two mechanical pumps.