Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.29.2012

Articles posted today

Czech distillers expect lower sales due to changing lifestyle, weak economy and taxation

The changing lifestyle of the Czechs, combined with a protracted economic recession and increased taxation, has led to a significant drop in the sales of spirits on the Czech market. According to fresh figures by the Czech Republic's Union of Spirits Producers and Importers, sales dropped by 7 percent from January to June, a trend that began three years ago. Radio Prague talked to Petr Pavlík, the head of the union and the CEO of the country's biggest spirits producer Stock Božkov, and asked him about the drop in sales and the strategies of the Czech producers to expand their business.

Police president Lessy sacked for alleged libel, misconduct

Petr Lessy was relieved of duty as the president of the Czech Police on Wednesday morning by the interior minister. The move comes after the General Inspectorate of the Security Forces charged the police official with libel and abuse of public office. The libel charge is connected to statements Mr Lessy made over half a year ago. The opposition has slammed his dismissal, saying there were other reasons Mr Lessy was fired.

Fresh Film Fest kicks off in Prague with Manipulation as its main theme

The 9th Fresh Film Fest opens in Prague on Wednesday celebrating new and debut films from around the world. This year's installment of the festival features movies by British documentary maker Peter Watkins, Tom Tykwer and other Czech and international artists. The main theme of the Fresh Film Fest this year is Manipulation. Radio Prague spoke to the festival's programme director Michal Hogenauer, and asked him what exactly this means.