Thursday, August 23, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.23.2012

Articles posted today

Czech Tourism presenting Czech Republic as an ideal wedding destination

"Gothic and baroque architecture, winding cobbled streets, horse-drawn carriages– a city steeped in history and romance" - the Czech capital is not hard to sell as an attractive tourist destination. Now Czech Tourism is going further – it is presenting Prague and its surroundings as an ideal wedding destination.

Analyst says security report reveals serious faults in the system

The Czech intelligence service, BIS, released its annual report on Wednesday, which highlighted the dangerous influence of foreign intelligence agents and mafia groups on Czech politics and business. Radio Prague spoke to Andor Šándor, former head of the Czech Military Intelligence Agency and a security analyst, about the most significant concerns the security report brings up.

Festival invites visitors to "travel around the world in a day"

A great way to spend part of the upcoming weekend is being offered by the district of Prague 9: the Vibrant Nine festival, taking place at Podvíní Park. Focussing on diversity and multiculturalism, the event will allow attendees to visit 20 countries in just one day.