Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.22.2012

Articles posted today

Tatra CEO arrest raises questions about his accuser

An unprecedented number of high-level corruption cases have been uncovered in the past months in the Czech Republic. Police and state attorneys appear to be investigating corruption charges brought to them with greater urgency. The arrest of Ronald Adams, the CEO of Czech truck maker Tatra this week, is the latest scandal, adding a new layer to an on-going investigation.

Nation's health deteriorating due to sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits

The Czech Health Ministry has set itself a new target – getting Czechs to adopt a healthier lifestyle and start at an early age. According to Health Minister LeoŇ° Heger a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and poor eating habits are largely to blame for the nation's deteriorating health and he wants to address the root of the problem.