Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.15.2012

Articles posted today

Farmer shops become part of city dwellers' lifestyle

The hype over Western supermarkets of the 1990s started fading for Czechs sometime in the early noughties. As healthy eating became more of a priority for some Czech city dwellers, small organic food shops began cropping up in most cities. Organic was all the rage. Yet, many of the products sold in organic food shops were not locally grown, leaving a gap on the market for small and medium Czech farmers to fill.

City Hall defends controversial September reworking of Prague transit system.

Prague municipal authorities have approved a series of major changes to the city's transport system. The alterations will mean that as of September 3, numerous tram and bus lines will be cut while other, longer routes will be added. The city says the changes are needed to save money, but critics argue that they will cause chaos.

Integration centre in Prague to help immigrants and support NGOs

Last week saw the official opening of a new Integration Centre for foreigners in Prague. Currently, almost twelve percent of the capital's population are now foreigners, and city hall has been mulling over the plan to open such a centre for a few years now. With the financial crisis looming, Czech ministries are introducing increasingly stricter policies toward foreign workers and other migrants. The Integration Centre is meant to alleviate some of the hurdles that foreigners living here face.