Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio Prague Today 8.13.2012

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Czechs Olympic success measured not only in gold

On the last day of the Olympics, the Czech team managed to sweeten their already successful run in London with two more gold medals in men's mountain biking and pentathlon. The Czech Olympians can return home with heads held high, having won four more medals than in Beijing, and one more gold than four years ago. But the successes of the Czech delegation can be measured not only in the number of medals won, but also in the publicity it drew both in London and on the home turf.

Marko Ivanović: opera has always been a multimedia genre

Opera performances are generally not crowd pullers, but the new opera Enchantia, which premiered in January 2012 at the Prague National Theatre was sold-out in a matter of weeks. Families with children of all ages literally swarmed to the opera house eager for a glimpse of the magic land. Directed by Petr Forman, one of the twin-sons of famous Miloš Forman, and composed by Marko Ivanović, Enchantia became a phenomenon disproving the view that opera is a dead genre. Composer Marko Ivanović is JPs guest on todays One on One.

Sports News 13.8.2012

In this week's Sports News: From five medals to ten; Hejnová secures bronze in the Women's hurdles; canoe sprinting quartet secure Czech Republic another bronze; Barbora Špotáková wins javelin gold medal; Svoboda brings the Czech team a third gold and a final gold medal on the final Olympic day.