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News 8.20.2012

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News Monday, August 20th, 2012

By: Jan Velinger

* A Prague district court has set the bail amount for former Central
Bohemian governor David Rath at 14 million crowns.

* The justice minister has named Adam Basny deputy to Lenka Bradacova -
the head of the high state attorney's office in Prague.

* Renovation of the B wing at Prague's Motol Hospital will resume on
Tuesday, hospital officials have said.

* Eminent Czech sociologist Miloslav Petrusek has died at the age of 75.

* A record daily temperature of 40.4 degrees was measured in
Prague-Dobrichovice on Monday afternoon.

Court sets 14 million bail for Rath

A Prague district court has set bail for former Central Bohemian
governor and MP David Rath (arrested in May on corruption charges) at
14 million crowns (the equivalent of almost 700,000 US dollars). The
spokesman for the court Jiri Wazik stressed that the court on Monday
decided only on the amount - not whether Mr Rath would indeed be freed
from prison, where he has been under stricter confinement awaiting
trial for fear he might try and influence witnesses. The court, the
spokesman made clear, would take its decision in September if the bail
amount was met. The former regional governor, David Rath, was arrested
in May of this year - caught with a suspected bribe of seven million
crowns on his person. On Monday, the MP's wife Eva, his father Ratmir
as well as Mr Rath himself were present in the courtroom as the bail
was set.

Basny named deputy to Lenka Bradacova at high state attorney's office

Justice Minister Pavel Blazek has named Adam Basny deputy to Lenka
Bradacova - the head of the high state attorney's office in Prague. In
the past, Mr Basny was the head of the Liberec branch of the regional
state attorney's office in Usti nad Labem; in 2009 he was recalled from
his post at least in part for commenting on a corruption case involving
then-deputy prime minister Jiri Cunek. Since last July Adam Basny
served on the EU's civilian mission in Kosovo. The spokeswoman for the
Justice Ministry, Petra Hruba, said on Monday that that the new deputy
prosecutor was a specialist in corruption cases and economic crime; his
naming has been backed by Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman.

Social Democrats to send mock postal orders over church restitution deal

The Social Democratic Party, says news website idnes, will send
potential voters in this autumn's regional and Senate elections mock
postal orders starting Tuesday to draw attention to the government's
church property restitution deal worth an estimated 135 billion crowns.
The mock orders - part of a broader election campaign by the Social
Democrats to draw attention to the deal's scope - will "charge" Czechs
almost 13,000 crowns per head to be "sent" to Finance Minister Miroslav
Kalousek. The Social Democrats recently made clear they would make
church restitution a key election issue in the upcoming regional
elections; a similar campaign covering state debt was used in the past
by right-of-centre party TOP 09.

The government proposal on church property restitution was rejected by
the Senate last week but is likely to pass when it comes up again in
the lower house where government MPs have the majority.

Renovation of hospital wing to resume

Renovation of the B wing at Prague's Motol Hospital will resume on
Tuesday, hospital officials have revealed, less than a week after work
was halted over structural concerns about the building. It had been
discovered that the wing, which is empty, had moved ten centimetres
over two weeks, leading to fears that more than 200 children in a
neighbouring ward could be at risk. Structural engineers, who examined
the building last week, however, reported that the evacuation of the
patients from the neighbouring site would not be necessary; there is
reportedly no danger that the B wing or neighbouring structures could

Three towns reject idea of homes for mentally-disabled clients

Three of six towns in the area of Ceska lipa have rejected a plan by
the region of Liberec to build new homes for mentally-disabled clients.
Under the proposal, 80 mentally disabled women from two current,
isolated facilities would move into ten buildings across six towns. The
project is to cost 150 million crowns. Straz pod Ralskem, Okna and
Zakup have, however, have all come out against. The mayor of one of the
towns, Zakup, told news website idnes that more than 500 people had
rejected the idea in a petition - coming out against 24 clients being
housed in the town centre. According to the mayor, the women would be
unable to integrate within the greater population of less than 3,000;
he cited a study that suggested the maximum number was six. The region
of Liberec has been preparing the project for two years: the aim is
specifically to help mentally-disabled persons reintegrate within
broader society, while also providing new jobs for assistants.

Police to investigate Lich case

Prague police are to investigate developments behind the recent sacking
of Vladimir Lich as the head of the city's Public Transit Company. Mr
Lich was recalled from his post last week on the recommendation of the
company's supervisory board shortly after he filed lawsuits over a
number of past tenders allegedly unfavourable for the company. The
leadership of the TOP 09 party will discuss the matter on Monday
evening, while the Civic Democrats are to meet on Tuesday. A coalition
meeting over the matter is also expected.

Eminent Czech sociologist Petrusek dies at 75

Respected Czech sociologist Miloslav Petrusek - a former Social
Sciences dean at Charles University - has died. He passed away at the
age of 75, the spokesman for the university revealed on Monday.
Professor Petrusek, a Zlin native, was one of the co-founders of the
Havel Library and was also a former advisor to the late Mr Havel during
his presidency.

Resumption of water supply in Ostrava building nixed for time being

The supply of water at one of ten devastated residential homes in
Prednadrazi Street in Ostrava, occupied by mostly Roma tenants, will
not, for the time being, resume - despite the fact that the water bill
has been paid. The company Ostrava Waterworks and Sanitation made the
announcement on Monday after it conducted a pressure test in the water
main and found there was leakage; the exact location has not yet been
determined. The owner of the building Oldrich Roztocil has said for the
time being part of the plumbing network could be cut off, so that water
could at least be made available from one source.

Burning field halts traffic along local train route

Fire fighters fought on Monday to put out a blaze in a field in the
region of Plzen which halted traffic along a local train route from
Nyrany to Hermanovy Hute. One train never set out, another set out late
after four pm but only at a slower speed. Normal traffic along the
route has since resumed.

Prague-Dobrichovice sees record temperature of 40.4 degrees

Meteorologists correctly predicted that Monday would not only be the
hottest day of the year but also would see a new record set for highest
temperature on this date: Prague-Dobrichovice registered 40.4 degrees
Celsius on Monday afternoon. Other areas, such as Kopisty, registered
39 degrees earlier in the day. Meteorologists will tabulate final data
for the day at around nine pm this evening. The extreme temperatures
led the head of the country's armed forces to recommend a shorter work
day, while special measures were implemented for soldiers on duty or in
training: members of the Prague Castle guard, for example, donned
summer uniforms from lighter materials and were allowed to stand guard
and keep mobile outside of their booths. Earlier in the day,
meteorologists issued specific warnings of extremely high temperatures
for Prague and the Central Bohemian and Usti regions, warnings
individuals - especially seniors, children and the ill - to stay out of
the sun if possible and to hydrate regularly. Previously, the highest
temperature in the country on this date was recorded in
Prague-Uhrineves in 1983.


Sunny or partly cloudy conditions are expected in the coming days with
highs between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius. Heat warnings have been issued
for most parts of the country. The evening will be more overcast with
possible showers and there may be intense storms in places with
possible hail.

Articles posted on today
Second Prague Pride festival draws thousands in Czech capital

Thousands of people joined in Saturday's Prague Pride parade though the
streets of the Czech capital, in the second instalment of the festival.
The march was the climax of the week-long festival of sexual minorities
which was bigger - and raised less controversy - than its debut last
Sports News 20.8.2012

In Sports News this Monday: In football, Czechs lose to Ukraine in
pre-qualification friendly while action continues in Gambrinus Liga; in
tennis, Olympic silver medallists Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka
win doubles title at Cincinnati; and in basketball, the Czech team is
second in qualification for next year's European championships.
Jiri Kejval: Deputy head of Czech Olympic Committee reflects on "very
successful" Games

The London Olympic Games, which are already being viewed as one of the
greatest Olympics ever, were certainly memorable for the Czech
Republic. The team took 10 medals, four more than in Beijing, and the
wellington boots they wore at the opening ceremony received a lot of
international attention. Meanwhile, the Czech Olympic House, which
unlike at previous Games welcomed the general public, attracted a huge
number of visitors.

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