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Episode date 22 July 2012
Obese people feel more pain
courtesy Canadian Obesity Network

People who are overweight report 20% higher rates of pain. And the more weight they carry, the greater the pain they feel. That’s the finding of a study reported in the journal Obesity. This is of particular importance in Canada where more and more people are becoming overweight. Dr. Arya Sharma is a professor and chair for Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta. He spoke with RCI's Lynn Desjardins about why obese people feel more pain and the results of this study.

Arts -culture 04- Ukrainian fest Dauphin Mb, Chamber Music fest Ottawa, On
Bill Blackstone
Hi Im mm and this week in the arts spotlight- the ever bigger celebration of chambermusic coming up in our national capital, but we start off with Canada’s National Ukrainian festival...

Coming up in Dauphin Mb in a site on the north ridge of Riding Mountain national park which features a natural ampitheatre setting for great acoustics is Canada’s national Ukrainian festival.. thats on for three days...Aug 3.4 5,
Western Canada is home to a large number of people who claim Ukrainian descent President of the festival is David Katcsma who says they pride themselves on being the biggest and longest running Ukrainian festival in North America.

And from the Ukrainian festival in Manitoba on aug 3- to 5, we go the national Capital, Ottawa for the upcoming international celebration of Chamber music..called Chamberfest. From July 26 to Aug 9th.. Roman Borys, a member of the very well respected Gryphon Trio, is the artistic director..and when I called him in Ottawa I asked how this years edition is different from last year...

National Ukrainian Fest

International ChamberMusic festival Ottawa”chamberfest”

Gryphon Trio

Politics Today July 22, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda looks at the election race for the position of National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations which represents more than one million First Nation people across Canada. The re-election for a second term of National Chief Shawn Atleo raises a number of questions about the direction of this advocacy group.

And on the federal level, the electoral map is set to change as preparations are underway to increase the number of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons from 308 to 338.

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