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Episode date 19 July 2012
Interviews and reports
Prairie city turns garbage into electricity
Jennifer Quesnel/CBC
Landfill sites...the places where cities dump their garbage.. are a necessary evil.. they are unsightly, attract vermin, and they smell.
But now the prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the older part of their landfill site which is filled to capacity, into something environmentally sound..and profitable.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to Kevin Hudson, manager of metering and sustainable electricity with Saskatoon Light & Power, and prepared this report:

Reforming Canada's military procurement
. (Samuel King Jr./U.S. Air Force)
The Canadian government wants to change the way military equipment is purchased in Canada. Controversy swirls around the planned purchase of F-35 fighter jets and the government just cancelled plans to buy combat vehicles. For more on what’s going on RCI's Lynn Desjardins spoke with Scott Taylor, editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps, a Canadian military magazine.
'Revolutionizing Retail' - a website on retail work and workers
Revolutionizing Retail website
Retail work is the most common occupation for most Canadians - 2.7 million work in the retail sector, more than in all of Canada's manufacturing industries. Even so, few people realize its impact on the economy.

Dr. Kendra Coulter is a labour studies professor at Canada's Brock University. Her current research forcuses on retail work and retail workers, and as a part of her research she's created a website called "Revolutionizing Retail". Increasingly, she says,  the question in retail research is not about consumption and what people buy, but about where people work.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Dr Coulter to find out more.
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