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Episode date 18 July 2012
Interviews and reports
Unusual things to see in Ontario
Firefly Books
It's Canada’s most populous province and it's pretty big too, as Ontario covers over a million sq km. It has a lot of geography, and a lot of history--and plenty of remnants of that history, albeit sometimes forgotten or "lost" so-to-speak.  Ron Brown has covered much of that in his quest for unusual things to see. He’s been writing about his finds in books “Ghost Towns of Ontario vol-1 and vol 2”, “From Queenston to Kingston-The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario’s Shoreline” and “In Search of the Grand Trunk, and Other Ghost Rail Lines in Ontario” and several others, over 20 in fact. His latest is an updated version of a previous book; this one is called 115 unusual things to see in Ontario.

If you are travelling in Ontario, or simply looking for an interesting and offbeat weekend excursion, this book may give you some very interesting ideas.
RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to author Ron Brown from his home in Toronto.

Ron Brown's Website

Firefly Books website

Ron Brown page at Firefly

Top 115 Unusial Things to See in Ontario

TV time increases children’s waists, decreases fitness
(Billion Lim/AFP/Getty)
Canadian researchers have found that each hour young children watch television increases their waist size and decreases their ability to perform in sports. More and more Canadian children are becoming obese and scientists are working hard to find out why. RCI's Lynn Desjardins has details.
Canadian country music award nominees announced
The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) today, July 18, announced the nominees in 40 categories for the 2012 CCMA Awards. This year the awards ceremony will be held in the prairie city of Saskatoon, and broadcast live across Canada on September 9.

Country music continues to be popular in Canada, and ranges from traditional to more pop based country. And a number of Canadian country artists, such as Shania Twain, have fans around the world.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to the Association's Manager of Operations Brandi Mills about the awards, and the appeal of country music in Canada.
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