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Edition 15 July 2012
Pacific Military Tattoo, City Chase, Shuffle Demons new CD
this weekend, a celebration of the pipes and drums, military tradition and much more at the Pacific Tattoo in Victoria BC, If you love a grand spectacle, you will certainly enjoy a military tattoo. A brand new event is set for this weekend in Victoria BC. Its called the Pacific Tattoo, and its not only the first major event of its kind on Canada's west coast, but also, surprisingly,apparently the only event of its type on the west coast of North America. Featured of course, will be Pipes and Drums of Highland Regiments, but also a fanfare from Germany, dancers and performers from the US, some comedy, and so much more.


Then we're off to Ottawa for an urban adventure challenge for those seeking a little physical, and mental challenge with a lot of fun mixed in.  Its called City Chase, kind of like your own personal reality show,  along with hundreds of other participants. Proceeds benefit various charities. the Ottawa event is July 21st, with events in Toronto and Vancouver in August, and halifax in September.

CITY CHASE website

One of Canada's greatest bands, the Shuffle Demons have been thrilling audiences around the world since 1997 with theif lively music and stage shows. they've finally released a new album of jazz fusion, but with a hinit of a social message as well. The new album is called Clusterfunk, and sax player and Demon founder, Richard Underhill talks about the band and the new album


theme music TERRY TUFTS

Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders
Politics Today July 15, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda looks at a controversial issue - Right-to-work legislation - that was raised in Canada's most populous province by the leader of the Official Opposition Conservative Party Tim Hudak.

He'll discuss a survey of Canadian media coverage of political issues, and talk to a Canadian Member of Parliament who was part of an election observer team in Libya.

And we'll hear from Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird who is on a 15 day tour of Asia. This past Friday he announced a commitment of $10 milliion over three years to various ASEAN countries, and the intention of Canada to open an embassy in Burma.

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