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Edition 14 July 2012
THE LINK ONLINE (03) July 14, 2012
On this third edition of the Link Online, Wojtek Gwiazda, Lynn Desjardins, and Marc Montgomery review some of the stories they've covered this past week.

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We hear about a new home testing kit for HIV that's just been approved in the US and which may soon be approved in Canada, while some countries in Africa are also studying it.  However, there seems to be both pros and cons to the widespread use of these kits.

Then, two and a half years ago, Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake, but since then has slipped out of the news. We hear from a Newfoundland surgeon who founded an organization called Broken Earth,   It continues to send teams of volunteer medical staff to Haiti where the need is still great

aslo a conflict is brewing between organized labour and politicians in Canada's most populous province, Ontario.  It's over a concept known in some parts of the US, but new to Canada called "right-to-work"

and although the national capital is the scene for many protests, its rare to see scientists marching. They protested the severe budget cuts made to a variety of research institutions and agencies.

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