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Edition 13 July 2012
Interviews and Reports
Lost parrots find new home
Unwanted, ill-treated and neglected birds get a second chance to enjoy life at the Parrot Sanctuary. The Toronto rescue organization has been taking parrots of all sizes under its wing for close to ten years. Battered feathered friends who end up at the sanctuary are nursed back to health and rehabilitated before being put up for adoption.

Lyne-Francoise Pelletier spoke with Marie-Elisabeth Gagnon, founder of Parrot Sanctuary, a Toronto rescue organization.

Optimism about future of French language at world forum
Courtesy Forum mondial de la langue française
Last week, a five day forum on the French language was held in Canada's predominantly French speaking province of Quebec.

Organized by the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) it brought together 1300 delegates from 104 countries, and was the first time the Organisation had held a forum of this sort.

The forum looked at some of the challenges facing French speakers around the world. It also highlighted the fact that more than 215 million citizens, particularly in Africa, are the future of the French language.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke with the Forum's Commissaire général, Michel Audet.
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