Saturday, July 28, 2012

Radio Prague Today 7.28.2012

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Mailbox 28.7.2012

Today in Mailbox we reveal the name of our July mystery man and ask a new quiz question for the month of August. Listeners/readers quoted: Y. Venkata Ratnam, Mike Shea, Paul R Peacock, Sunilbaran Das, Li Ming, Zara Modu, Colin Law, Charles Konecny.

Popular fitness club opens new Pilates centre

Over the last twenty years many Czechs have drastically changed their lifestyles, eating healthier foods and taking up new sports. Every weekend, cyclists and rollerblade-users hit local parks in Prague from Vítkov Hill to Stromovka. Fitness clubs which emerged over the same period are also going strong, drawing regular-goers to work-out in the gym, cycle indoors, or attend aerobics classes. Martin Nehasil is the programme director as well as a personal trainer at Solarium Fitness BBC – a popular fitness chain in the Czech capital. When I met with him at the club's flagship gym on Vinohradská Street, he explained there are constant innovations in the approach to fitness, ideal for anyone looking to improve their health.

The different worlds of Husák and Havel

If you tune in to Czech Radio on New Year's Day, at some point you will hear the stirring tones of the presidential fanfare, introducing the president's annual address to the nation. It was Czechoslovakia's first head of state, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who established the tradition, when he spoke to listeners on the Czechoslovakia's tenth birthday in 1928. Here is a short extract from his address, which also happens to be one the oldest recordings in our archives: