Saturday, July 21, 2012

Radio Prague Today 7.21.2012

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Magazine 21.7.2012

In this edition of Magazine: a Persian cat trapped in a Škoda Octavia, a fox in need of a home, long-distance swimming as therapy and the end of public announcement address systems.

Sylva Fischerová: America is a right angle

When a Czech poet goes on a reading tour of the United States, it can sometimes have unexpected consequences. For Sylva Fischerová the result was a book that offers some unusual and very personal insights into the similarities and differences between the two continents and into the nature of writing itself. David Vaughan reports.

Jakeš stands alone like a fencepost

The expression "jako kůl v plotě" – "like a fencepost" - entered Czech folklore in the summer of 1989. The date was July 17 and Czechoslovakia's Communist Party chief Miloš Jakeš was meeting local party activists in the small West Bohemian town of Červený Hrádek. The authority of the party was being increasingly challenged, and thousands had signed Charter 77's appeal for democratic reform, "Několik vět" (a few sentences). Not realizing that he was being recorded, Jakeš complained bitterly that he felt he was standing on his own and unsupported "like a fencepost". Soon the recording had circulated around the country and abroad, and Jakeš, who was already famous for his malapropisms – he once mixed up the words "boiler" and "broiler" - found his authority shaken still more.