Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Radio Prague Today 7.11.2012

Articles posted today

Kidnapped newborn found in Germany

A three-week-old baby girl who was kidnapped by an unidentified man in the region of Ústí nad Labem last week has been found safe and sound. Following an intense police search in both the Czech Republic and neighboring Germany, police learned the whereabouts of the child and four suspects on Monday. Now the newborn will be reunited with her family.

Fireman's Ball re-release highlights lag in Czech film restoration

Since the advent of the DVD video format in the late 1990s, many countries around the world have been re-mastering and restoring their respective movie archives. With the relatively recent advent of high resolution Blu-ray home movie technology, such restoration efforts have increased exponentially. But, perhaps surprisingly, the Czech Republic lags far behind its neighbours in this effort. While the Slovaks have restored around eighty feature films, animated films and documentaries, only two Czech films, the aforementioned Fireman's Ball – the restored version of which was recently screened at the Karlovy Vary film festival – and the 1967 movie Marketa Lazarová, have undergone such rejuvenation. Dominik Jun spoke with the director of the Czech National Film Archive, Michal Bregant, about this discrepancy and began by asking about the restoration of Miloš Forman's iconic and highly allegorical New Wave film.

Energy firm ČEZ gets three bids for Temelín nuclear plant expansion

The biggest public procurement project ever held in the Czech Republic entered a new stage when earlier this month, the state-owned energy firm ČEZ received three bids to build two new blocks at the Temelín nuclear plant. The winning bid should be announced next year, while the project, estimated to cost between 200 and 300 billion crowns, should be finalized by 2025.