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News 7.5.2012

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News Thursday, July 5th, 2012

By: Jan Richter

* Police search is underway for an 19-day-old baby kidnapped in Usti
nad Labem on Wednesday.

* President Vaclav Klaus instigated a row with the EU ambassador to

* Dozens of thousands of Czechs have gathered in Velehrad to
commemorate the legacy of the missionaries Cyril and Methodius.

* US actress Susan Sarandon has arrived at the Karlovy Vary film
festival to be awarded for her contribution to world cinema.

* Czech skiing champion Sarka Zahrobska is in hospital with severe
neurological problems.

Police search for kidnapped baby

Police search is underway for an 19-day-old baby girl who was kidnapped
in the northern city of Usti nad Labem on Wednesday. The police said a
man who spoke with a thick German accent took the baby out of the pram
in front of her mother, ran with her to his car and drove off in a car
with false number plates. The police believe he might have escaped to
Germany and on Wednesday night, border checks were re-introduced at
border crossings with that country. A police spokeswoman said on
Saturday said the police would ask German media for cooperation.

President Klaus in row with EU ambassador to Malaysia

On the first day of his state visit to Malaysia, Czech President Vaclav
Klaus on Thursday instigated a row with the EU ambassador to that
country, the news website reported. At a lecture hosted by a
local institute, Mr Klaus told the ambassador, Alessandro Paolicchi,
that he did not represent him, and that he did not approve of the EU
having an ambassador to Malaysia. The Czech president later told
reporters he expressed his opinion in a "friendly" way. Ambassador
Paolicchi said the Czech president should realize his country was a
member of the EU. President Klaus is on a six-day trip to the region
which includes official visits to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Thousands commemorate legacy of missionaries Cyril and Methodius

Dozens of thousands of Czechs Thursday commemorate the 1149th
anniversary of the arrival of Christian missionaries Cyril and
Methodius. The celebrations are held in Velehrad, in southern Moravia
where the missionaries first arrived from Byzantium. A mass was
celebrated by Prague Archbishop, Cardinal Dominik Duka while his
predecessor Miloslav Vlk delivered the sermon; the former head of the
Catholic Church said the anniversary was a good opportunity for Czechs
to explore their roots. Thursday is a national holiday in the Czech

Sokol festival continues in Prague

The 15th international festival of the Sokol athletic movement
continues in Prague on Thursday with mass exercises at the Eden
stadium. Some 14,000 members of the Sokol organization take part in the
exercises. Around 2,000 Czech expats arrived in Prague for festival,
held every six years. The week-long event will conclude on Friday. The
Sokol movement, which was founded in he 1860s, has today some 180,000
members in the Czech Republic and other countries of the world.

Susan Sarandon arrives at Karlovy Vary film festival

US actress Susan Sarandon on Saturday arrived at the Karlovy Vary
International Film Festival where she is set to receive the festival's
Crystal Globe award for her contribution to world cinema. On Friday, Ms
Sarandon will attend the screening of the movie Jeff Who Lives at Home
in which she played one of the main characters. Susan Sarandon is the
second international film star, after the English actress Helen Mirren,
to attend the 47th edition of the festival.

Part of Prague metro Line A out of service

Part of Line A of Prague metro went temporarily out of service on
Thursday due to maintenance and construction work. Service has been
suspended between the stations Mustek and Dejvicka and only limited
service is available between Mustek and Namesti Miru. The interruption
also affects travelers to Prague's Ruzyne international airport as they
cannot reach the airport-bound bus line at Dejvicka by metro.
Passengers are instead advised to use the special X-A tram line running
between the centre of the city and Dejvicka. Full service on the
green-marked Line A will resume on Sunday.

Skiing champion Sarka Zahrobska hospitalized

Czech skiing champion Sarka Zahrobska is in hospital with severe
neurological problems, her agent told the news website on
Thursday. The 2007 slalom world champion and 2010 Olympic bronze
medalist was admitted to hospital on Friday and induced into sleep but
was awake again now, her agent said. The tabloid outlet
reported a growth has been discovered on her brain, possibly a cyst or
a tumor. Her team said it was unclear when the 27-year-old skier could
return to training for the new season.


The coming days will be partially sunny with rain showers and storms
which will hit mainly the south-western part of the country. Daytime
highs should reach 32 degrees Celsius.

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