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News 7.21.2012

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News Saturday, July 21st, 2012

By: Jan Velinger

* The prime minister, in a written statement, has again rejected
speculation over the reasons for former justice minister Jiri
Pospisil's firing last month.

* Three young people were killed in the early hours of Saturday morning
in a car crash near the South Bohemian town of Tabor.

* A new poll suggests that Czechs most value their doctors, scientists
and professors, in stark contrast to government ministers and MPs.

* Eleven candidates are to be named to ambassadorial posts.

* Well-known Czech entertainer Ivan Mladek, performing with the Banjo
Band, has announced autumn concert dates.

PM again rejects speculation over former justice minister's firing

Prime Minister Petr Necas again rejected any suggestion that former
justice minister Jiri Pospisil was recalled from his post last month
because he had planned to name respected state prosecutor Lenka
Bradacova to head Prague's State Attorney's Office. The prime minister
sent a written statement to the Czech news agency on Friday, saying
claims otherwise were unacceptable and speculative; on the same day new
Justice Minister Pavel Blazek, who succeeded Mr Pospisil, revealed he
would not name Ms. Bradacova even though she had received a
recommendation from the Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman. The new
minister is considering the option of a regular competition for the

Jiri Pospisil, who concentrated on fighting alleged corruption at the
State Attorney's Office in Prague, was dismissed by the prime minister
last month for managerial failures.

Three people die in Saturday morning crash

Three young men, estimated at 20 years of age, were killed near Tabor
in the early hours of Saturday morning, after their vehicle skidded off
the road and hit a tree, police said. A fourth person, an 18-year-old
female, was injured. The tragedy took place shortly before six am near
a local railway crossing, the spokeswoman for the South Bohemian police
force Lenka Holicka confirmed. It is one of the worst accidents on
South Bohemian roads so far this year, CTK reported. In another crash,
on June 7 near Jindrichuv Hradec, three men between the ages of 30 and
64 lost their lives when their vehicle collided with a bus.

Poll: Czechs value doctors the most

Czechs most value the work of doctors, scientists, nurses and
university professors a new poll conducted by the CVVM agency suggests.
Respondents in the survey ranked 26 professions on a 99-point scale.
The worst-ranked on the scale were MPs, government ministers and
cleaning personnel. According to CVVM, the result shows that doctors'
reputations were unhurt, for example, by a long-term campaign to boost
salaries. More than 500 people aged 15 and higher took part in the
poll, which was conducted in June.

New ambassadors to be named

The Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday that 11 new ambassadors will
soon take up their posts. Martin Povejsil is to replace Milena Vicenova
as ambassador to the EU, while Jiri Sedivy will take up Mr Povejsil's
post in NATO. The naming of both men was expected. Others named by the
Foreign Ministry include Martin Kosatka, who will serve in Croatia, and
Milan Dufek who will head the Czech mission in Norway. Personnel
changes at missions in South American countries were also announced. On
Thursday, news site E15 reported that Petr Kolar would leave as
ambassador to Russia this fall, before his mandate was up. Foreign
Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, however, would not confirm the move.

Foreign Ministry: Czech embassy in Syria not facing imminent threat

The Foreign Ministry has said despite continuing violence and fighting
in Syria the Czech embassy in Damascus is not under imminent threat.
The ministry was replying to an enquiry by the CTK agency; according to
officials, appropriate security steps have been taken, and the
situation is monitored around the clock. On Thursday in Syria, more
than 300 people were reported killed in the conflict; central Damascus
remains under control of government forces, Czech diplomatic sources

No word yet from Svejnar

Czech-American economist Jan Svejnar has not taken a final decision yet
on whether to run in next year's presidential election, the first time
Czech voters will choose their president directly. Mr Svejnar,
considered a possible strong contender according to numerous opinion
polls, will reportedly decide over the remainder of the summer.
Originally, Mr Svejnar said he would announce his intentions after a
procedural bill on the upcoming election was passed in Parliament; that
took place earlier this week. Now the bill must be signed by President
Vaclav Klaus who completes his final term in March 2013.

Mladek to tour in the autumn

Czech entertainer and musician Ivan Mladek, who turned 70 earlier this
year, will go on tour this autumn, with dates in nine towns and cities.
He will perform well-known hits, including Jozin z bazin as an encore,
with the Banjo Band, the Czech news agency reported. The first concert
of "The Last Tour", as it has been called, has been set for October 17.
Mladek is the author of more than 400 songs. In the '90s he starred in
a popular TV variety show.


The weekend will be mostly partly cloudy with rain in places and
daytime highs of around 22 degrees Celsius.

Articles posted on today
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a fox in need of a home, long-distance swimming as therapy and the end
of public announcement address systems.
Sylva Fischerova: America is a right angle

When a Czech poet goes on a reading tour of the United States, it can
sometimes have unexpected consequences. For Sylva Fischerova the result
was a book that offers some unusual and very personal insights into the
similarities and differences between the two continents and into the
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Jakes stands alone like a fencepost

The expression "jako kul v plote" - "like a fencepost" - entered Czech
folklore in the summer of 1989. The date was July 17 and
Czechoslovakia's Communist Party chief Milos Jakes was meeting local
party activists in the small West Bohemian town of Cerveny Hradek. The
authority of the party was being increasingly challenged, and thousands
had signed Charter 77's appeal for democratic reform, "Nekolik vet" (a
few sentences). Not realizing that he was being recorded, Jakes
complained bitterly that he felt he was standing on his own and
unsupported "like a fencepost". Soon the recording had circulated
around the country and abroad, and Jakes, who was already famous for
his malapropisms - he once mixed up the words "boiler" and "broiler" -
found his authority shaken still more.

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