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News 7.15.2012

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News Sunday, July 15th, 2012

By: Daniela Lazarova

* Police officers are signing a petition in support of police president
Petr Lessy.

* The labour and social affairs ministry wants to train hundreds of

* The month-old baby girl who was kidnapped and abducted to Germany is
home safe.

* The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids has
reopened, four years after devastating floods.

* The music festival Colours of Ostrava reports record attendance.

Police officers signing petition in support of police president Lessy

Police officers around the country are signing a petition in support of
police president Petr Lessy, following his confrontation with Finance
Minister Miroslav Kalousek on Friday. The police president told members
of the security and defense committee in Parliament he had been lobbied
and even threatened by the finance minister over the investigation into
the purchase of CASA planes for the Czech army. The finance minister
has strongly rejected the allegations, insisting that the calls were
related to the purchase of a new fleet of cars for the police, and has
demanded that unless the police president can produce convincing
evidence he should resign from office. Lessy says he's ready to take a
lie detector test to prove his case.

Head of anti-corruption police says no let up in anti-corruption crusade

The head of the anti-corruption police Tomas Martinec said the police
would press ahead with the investigation of corruption in state
administration despite the volley of criticism directed against them
over the CASA planes investigation. In a debate on Czech Television,
Mr. Martinec said the police had sufficient grounds for its request to
prosecute former defense minister Vlasta Parkanova and that the request
was not based solely on an assessment by the firm American Appraisal
which concluded that the CASA planes had been severely overpriced. He
pointed out that the police had worked on the case for two years under
the supervision of the supreme state attorney. The former defense
minister is to be charged within a matter of days.

Labour ministry to train care givers

The labour and social affairs ministry wants to train hundreds of
care-givers. The ministry which needs to address the problem of an
aging population and a lack of social workers, says it wants to train
hundreds of people -mainly women between 45 and 55 years of age - who
are already working as care givers for close family and elderly
relatives. These people would receive special training and could join
the ranks of professional care givers once they are ready to go back to
work, a ministry spokeswoman told the ctk news agency.

Kidnapped baby home

The month-old baby girl who was kidnapped and abducted to Germany
returned home safely at around midnight on Saturday. Several dozen
family and friends turned out to greet her and over a dozen journalists
and TV crews were in attendance. Baby Michaela was forcibly taken from
her mother in the street when she was just 18 days old and the case
evoked widespread public sympathy. The child was found by German police
a week after her abduction thanks to cameras which registered the
number of the kidnappers' rented vehicle. Four people were detained in
connection with the case, two remain in custody. The motive of the
crime has not been revealed but the head of the local police force has
moved to allay fears that the incident might be repeated.

Czech & Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids reopens

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids reopened
its doors to visitors on Saturday, four years and one month after the
devastating floods of 2008. The expanded museum was showcased during a
two-day celebration over the weekend that included a parade, a
video-projection light show, performances by children's song and dance
ensembles and a marionette theatre performance. The museum's biggest
pride is a newly opened exhibition of 230 paintings, sculptures and
other works by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha .The restoration of the
museum and library was made possible through local, national and
international assistance. More than 25 million dollars was raised
during a capital campaign for flood recovery, to which the Czech
Republic donated 10 million crowns.

Liquid manure leak threatens water species in Lisna

A liquid manure leak has contaminated a stream and pond near Lisna, in
the Rokycany region, presenting an imminent danger to fish and water
species in the vicinity. Firemen have been pumping contaminated water
from the stream for several hours in order to minimize the damage. It
is not yet clear who is responsible for the damage.

Colours of Ostrava gets record number of visitors

The music festival Colours of Ostrava broke all previous attendance
records on Saturday night getting 31.500 visitors. The highlight of the
third of the festival was a concert by Canadian singer Alanis
Morissette. Visitors also crowded to hear the French chanson singer ZAZ
and Czech singer Lenka Dusilova. The festival winds up on Sunday with a
concert by Janelle Monaes.


The coming days are expected to be overcast and rainy with day
temperatures between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius.

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