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Forest fire threatening Labrador communities
An evacuation alert is in effect for residents of two eastern Canadian communities in central Labrador, where a forest fire is burning out of control. The fire measures about 140 square kilometres. Fire officials have managed to bring southern parts of it under control. Residents of North West River and Sheshatshiu have been told to leave.

Collapsed roof of Ontario shopping mall injures 22
A search and rescue operation was underway in the northern Ontario town of Elliot Lake on Sunday after the roof of a mall collapsed the day before, injuring 22 people. At least one person was known to be trapped in the debris of the Algo Centre Mall, but police are not sure whether others might be trapped as well. The roof of the building that serves as a parking lot collapsed, exposing twisted metal and concrete supports and triggering a gas leak. Emergency officials cut power to the centre as a precaution. Elliot Lake is about 160 kilometres west of Sudbury. The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

Fraser River still under flood alert
Thousands of residents in southern British Columbia are closely watching the Fraser River out of fear that its waters will rise and cause widespread flooding. At least 165 people have been ordered to leave their homes, and more than one thousand others have been told to be ready to evacuate rapidly. The Fraser River has risen sharply over the past week as a result of heavy rain and melting snow. Floods threaten Abbotsford, 70 kilometres east of Vancouver, as well as the town of Chilliwack. Canada's military is standing by to help if requested.

Prime Minister Harper celebrating Quebec holiday
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is talking strategy and making public appearances in an effort to gain more support for his Conservative Party in Quebec. On Sunday, he's joining people in the provincial capital, Quebec City, in celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day, the annual holiday that celebrates the province's French cultural heritage. His Conservative Party is also holding a weekend meeting in the city. The Conservatives won just five of Quebec's 75 federal seats in the last election. In a surprise development, Quebecers voted overwhelmingly for the opposition New Democratic Party's candidates. On Friday, Mr. Harper held a meeting in Montreal with former Conservative Party prime minister Brian Mulroney, who had great success in gaining votes in Quebec in two federal elections.


Notice to Our Subscribers
Starting Tuesday, June 26, your cyberjournal will become a webzine to serve you better.

The new format will give you direct access to our reports and interviews, our multimedia features, the latest news, and an international weather forecast in the language of your choice.


Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, is Egypt's new president

A member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's new president. Mohamed Morsi was declared the winner of the presidential runoff vote last weekend. A huge crowd gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square cheered as the electoral commission made the announcement. The announcement came after a delay earlier in the week. Mr. Morsi won over the former prime minister of deposed president Hosni Mubarak, Ahmed Shafik. The commission said that Mr. Morsi won with 51 per cent of the vote versus 48 per cent for Mr. Shafiq. Egypt's transitional military rulers were reluctant to turn over too much power to Mr. Morsi out of fear that he would introduce hardline Islamist laws. It's still not clear how much power the new president will wield.

Former Libyan prime minister is extradited from Tunisia

In a move that could set a precedent, Tunisia has extradited Libya's former prime minister. Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi was transported by helicopter to a prison in Tripoli. Al-Mahmoudi served as Moammar Gaddafi's prime minister from 2006 until he fled to neighbouring Tunisia last year as a result of a popular uprising. He's the first senior Libyan official to be sent back for trial under Libya's transitional leadership. His extradition could establish a precedent for other countries where Gaddafi government officials have been arrested. In January, 15 Tunisian and international human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, jointly opposed Al-Mahmoudi's extradition, saying he risked death or torture in Libya.

Crash site of downed Turkish jet fighter is found
Turkey's government says that it knows the spot where its jet fighter was shot down over Syrian waters on Friday, but still has not found the wreckage. The wreckage is thought to be lying some thirteen hundred metres under water. A search continued on Sunday for the plane's two pilots, but hope is fading that they will be found alive. Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, says that Syrian forces shot down the jet fighter in international airspace after it mistakenly entered Syria. He says that the plane was not on a spying mission. Turkey has called for an extraordinary meeting of its NATO allies to discuss the incident. The incident has further increased tension between Turkey and Syria. Tension rose when Turkey began condemning the Syrian government's violent crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Nigeria church bomber reported dead

The man blamed for a terrorist bombing attack on a church in Nigeria last Christmas is said to be dead. Habibu Bama was sought in connection with the bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church near Abuja. At least 44 people were killed. It's believed that he was also connected to two car bomb attacks in Abuja last year that killed 25 people. The radical Islamist group, Boko Haram, claimed responsibility for all three attacks. Boko Haram says that Habibu Bama died a martyr for the cause as a result of a shootout with Nigerian security forces in the city of Damaturu earlier this week. Boko Haram often targets police and Christians in its violent fight to establish an Islamist state in northern Nigeria. On Sunday, Boko Haram stormed Yobe prison in their northeastern heartland on Sunday, freeing 40 inmates. Two of the attackers were shot dead and some policemen were injured.

Earthquake in China kills two
A moderate earthquake in southwestern China has killed two people and injured at least 100 others. The earthquake measuring 5.5 struck on Sunday in a mountainous region near the border between Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. Casualties occurred in Yunnan's Ninglang county and Sichuan's Yanyuan county, where many houses collapsed. Rescue officials were sending tents, quilts and clothes to the affected area. Last year, a similar-sized earthquake in Yunnan killed 25 people and damaged thousands of homes. Four years ago, a much stronger earthquake measuring 7.9 killed nearly ninety thousand people in Sichuan province.

New Greek prime minister to miss European summit

Greece's new prime minister is still recovering from an eye operation this weekend, and will miss an important European Union summit in Brussels. Antonis Samaras underwent surgery for a detached retina. The summit begins on Thursday. Delegates will discuss further strategy to solve the E.U.'s debt crisis. Mr. Samaras is hoping that his coalition government can soften some of the harsh terms of a huge E.U. bailout package for his country. But other E.U. countries such as Spain are also in major debt trouble. Greece's new Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos was a key negotiator in arranging Greece's bailout. He will attend the Brussels summit instead of Mr. Samaras.

Ship will try again to transport Russian helicopters to Syria

A ship carrying Russian helicopters will try again to deliver them to Syria. The ship, Alaed, left the Russian port of Murmansk on June 11, but had to turn back when its British insurance company removed its insurance coverage, citing United Nations sanctions. The United States accused Russia of arming Syria's regime in its fight against anti-government militants. Russia denied the charge, saying that the Russian-made helicopters were being returned to Syria following repairs. Russia insists that the helicopters will be used only for defence. A Russian military source told Interfax news agency that the Alaed would be accompanied on its voyage to Syria by at least one civilian vessel. It's not known when the Alaed will set sail.


Jose Bautista homered and drove in three runs as the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Miami Marlins, 12-5, on Friday. Miami has lost five straight games and 14 of 16 overall so far this season.

The Calgary Stampeders wrapped up their Canadian Football League pre-season with a 33-31 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday.

The Edmonton Oilers selected Russian winger Nail Yakupov as NHL draft's number one pick on Friday. It was the third straight year that the Oilers owned the first overall pick. The 18-year-old scored 31 goals in 42 games last season for the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League. Yakupov is the first Russian-born player to be taken with the top pick since the Washington Capitals chose Alex Ovechkin in 2004. The Montreal Canadiens chose third and took centre Alex Galchenyuk, Yakupov's teammate at Sarnia.



Here is Canada's weather forecast for Monday, June 25. British Columbia will be cloudy. The high temperature in Vancouver will be 18 degrees Celsius. The Yukon: mainly cloudy. Whitehorse, 21. Northwest Territories: mainly sunny. Yellowknife, 25. Nunavut: overcast. Iqaluit, six. Alberta: mainly cloudy. Edmonton, 23. Saskatchewan: variable cloudiness. Regina, 32. Manitoba: sunny. Winnipeg, 27. Ontario: mainly sunny. Toronto: 20. Ottawa, 18. Quebec: showers. Montreal, 18. New Brunswick: mainly cloudy. Fredericton, 27. Nova Scotia: variable cloudiness. Halifax, 23. Prince Edward Island: rain. Charlottetown, 17. Newfoundland: variable cloudiness. St. John's, 15.


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