Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Radio Prague Today 6.26.2012

Articles posted today

Through Emperor Rudolf's water tunnel under Letná

The Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II left a deep mark in Czech history. Various legends and myths surround the 16th century ruler who made Prague his imperial seat and whose diverse interests made the city a centre of Renaissance arts and sciences. One monument from his time is hidden beneath the surface of the earth – a water tunnel carved deep into the rock of one of Prague's hills.

Legal assessment on Parkanová case sparks fresh political controversy

Former defense minister Vlasta Parkanová, who has come under suspicion of abusing her position in an overpriced military aircraft deal, has a loyal defender in Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek. The finance minister, who previously served in the same cabinet in which Mrs Parkanová had the defense portfolio, has called her possible prosecution unconstitutional. He is basing his criticism on a statement from the Czech Institute of State and Law.

European Commission weighs in on Šumava logging

The European Commission has asked the Czech government to halt logging in the Šumava National Park. Czech authorities resumed felling bark-beetle infested trees in Šumava this week to prevent the spreading of the beetle infestation. But the European Commissioner for the Environment says logging should cease until the government justifies the move.