Saturday, June 23, 2012

Radio Prague Today 6.23.2012

Articles posted today

Calisthenics, communist style

Last year in this programme I played some archive recordings from the pre-war gatherings of the "Sokol" movement, which brought together tens of thousands of people in displays of mass gymnastics, all in an atmosphere of great patriotic fervour. After the war, the communists suppressed the Sokol movement as part of the old political order, instead staging their own spectacular calisthenics displays in honour of the Communist Party.

Paul Wilson's Bohemian Rhapsodies

Any history of Czechoslovakia's dissident movement in the 1970s will include more than a passing reference to the writer, editor and translator Paul Wilson. Originally from Canada, he came to the country in 1967, then in his twenties, and he was to stay for ten years, eventually being expelled in 1977 for associating with dissidents and the underground music scene. Paul Wilson was back in Prague last month for the launch of a collection of his essays about this country over the last three decades. He spoke to David Vaughan.

Magazine 23.6.2012

In Magazine: a football field cut in half by the Czech-Austrian border, Czech politicians get invites to a session on moral reform, a Czech chef gives the country's troops in Afghanistan a treat!