Friday, June 22, 2012

Radio Prague Today 6.22.2012

Articles posted today

Czechs end EURO 2012 campaign after quarter-final loss to Portugal

The Czech national football team lost 1:0 to Portugal in the quarterfinals of EURO 2012 in Warsaw on Thursday and was knocked out of the tournament. In the game, the Czechs delivered their best performance at the championships but failed to stop Portugal's star Ronaldo from sending them home. Thursday's match was also the Czech striker Milan Baroš's last appearance for the national side.

Business News 22.6.2012

In Business News: Czechs buy a total of 13.8 billion state savings bond units worth 15.3 billion crowns; the Czech Republic could lose roughly 22 billion crowns in EU subsidies in 2012; more than 60 percent of Czechs are in favour of further development in nuclear energy; the Czech Republic remains the most attractive country for foreign investors; at the pump, a drop in fuel prices.

Semafor Theatre – 53 years and inventive as ever

The Semafor theatre, one of the oldest continuous traditions of modern Czech entertainment, is still putting out new performances after 53 years of existence. The latest concoction of multi-genre comedy theatre is 'Kam se poděla Valerie?', or 'Where Did Valerie Go?', which has four pre-premieres this week and next, before the real premiere in September.