Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Radio Prague Today 6.20.2012

Articles posted today

New study looks at what Czech multi-millionaires are like

The typical Czech dollar millionaire is a man in his late 40s who runs his own company, is concerned about corruption and doesn't show off his wealth. He does not take big risks with his money which he mostly spends on himself and his family. These are some of the results of the J&T Bank's Wealth Report for 2012, a new survey of multimillionaires in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In this edition of Marketplace, we talk to one of the authors of the study, Jaroslav Cír from the research firm Perfect Crowd.

Middleman denies enormous profits on controversial CASA deal

The Omnipol company, which is at the centre of a scandal involving allegedly overpriced military transport planes, has defended itself, saying its profits from the deal were normal and amounted to far less than police and the media have asserted. Meanwhile, a parliament committee has begun examining the evidence to determine whether to give up MP and former defence minister Vlasta Parkanová, who the police want to prosecute over the deal.

"Czechs abroad" project to award prize to greatest Czech living abroad

Who is the greatest Czech living abroad? As part of the "Czechs abroad" project, the Foreign Ministry, together with Czech Radio and Czech TV, is finding the answer to that question. The ambitious initiative also seeks to paint a more vivid picture of those Czechs who do not live in their native country – through reports, conferences and discussions. Sarah Borufka has more.