Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Mailbox 5.5.2012

Today in Mailbox: The Czech composer Julius Fučík, the answer to our April competition question, a new quiz question for May. Listeners/readers quoted: Karl Strauss, Paul R Peacock, Li Ming, Charles Konecny, Mary Lou Krenek, Colin Law.

Pavel Minařík and the Cold War on the airwaves

If there was one sound guaranteed to infuriate Czechoslovakia's communist leaders during the 1970s and 80s it was the call-sign of the US-funded Radio Free Europe, broadcasting from Munich to the countries of the Eastern Bloc. After the Soviet-led invasion of 1968, many Czech and Slovak émigrés of a wide variety of political hues ended up working for the station's Czechoslovak Section. Back home they found a receptive audience and Czechoslovakia's communist leaders became little short of obsessed with discrediting Radio Free Europe's broadcasts. Here is a short extract from a Czechoslovak Radio programme from 1976, which opened by playing that despised call-sign:

The Little Clown Project – a new generation of Czech volunteers at work

In the Czech Republic, where the state controlled everything under Communism, volunteering does not enjoy a long tradition. But some 20 years after the demise of the former regime, more and more young volunteers are actively changing the face of their country. One of them is Petra Milsimerová, who runs a project called Little Clown.