Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Radio Prague Today 5.22.2012

Articles posted today

Stará Boleslav - the town where St Wenceslas was slain

In this week's Spotlight we will travel to the small town of Stará Boleslav just northeast of Prague. According to legend, it was in this town that the Přemyslid Prince Wenceslas, later St Wenceslas, was slain by his own brother Boleslav in the 10th century.

Farmers to protest slashing of biofuel subsidies using tractors to slow traffic on country's roads

Czech farmers on Wednesday will be taking part in a planned protest against the government's decision to slash tax refunds on biofuel. The move by the government – part of broad austerity measures – is expected to leave agricultural producers in difficult spot: some 1.5 billion crowns lighter. The protest will see hundreds of farmers roll out their tractors on roads across the country, with the exception of highways and the Czech capital.

Prague district yields up evidence of 5500 BC settlement

You could almost say that Prague keeps getting older. Not long ago, archaeologists found evidence of the oldest ploughed field here, tended five and a half thousand years ago. Now the imprints of structures have been found in the same location, dating back even further, some 7,500 years.