Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Radio Prague Today 5.15.2012

Articles posted today

Prominent Social Democrat MP charged with corruption

One of the most prominent figures of the opposition Social Democratic party, MP and Central Bohemian governor David Rath has been charged with corruption. Mr. Rath was arrested on Monday night along with seven other people in a large-scale police operation that is believed to be linked to abuse of EU funds.

Czech shareholders ripped off by Kožený could gain from sale of Aspen chalet

Czech shareholders who lost millions of crowns to controversial businessman Viktor Kožený in the 1990s, have a strong chance of getting back partial compensation. There is a new possibility that the equivalent of around half a billion crowns gained from the sale of Mr Kožený's Aspen chalet in the US, could be transferred to the Czech Republic. Shareholders have 10 days in which to file a formal request.