Saturday, April 7, 2012

Radio Prague Today 4.7.2012

Articles posted today

Milliner Jolana Kotábová on hat design in the Czech Republic

In this week's Czech Life my guest is Czech milliner Jolana Kotábová, an expert hat designer who – after many years of experience in the field – opened her own studio in Prague in 2011. Located in a beautiful house with vaulted ceilings in Prague's Nerudova Street, her studio focuses on original women's hats combining both traditional elements and modern. Anyone interested in felt, straw or braided-straw designs with flair should take the time to visit.

Mailbox 7.4.2012

This month in Mailbox: Radio Prague in Contact magazine, Prague' astronomical clock, monthly listeners' quiz. Listeners quoted: Jonathan Murphy, John Novotney, Hans Verner Lollike, Ian Morrison, Kajari Chattopadhyay, Kristina Fallin, Charles Konecny, Mary Lou Krenek, Colin Law.

After Palach: fears and hopes

In last week's From the Archives we followed the tragic last days of the student Jan Palach, who on January 16 1969 set himself alight in protest against growing apathy in the face of the Soviet invasion five months earlier. The whole country was in shock. Such a drastic and violent sacrifice had little precedent in modern Czech and Slovak history, and perhaps for just that reason Palach immediately became a symbol of the country's lost liberty and a rallying cry for those who still hoped to save something of the reforms of 1968. Those in power had to be cautious; they were well aware that Palach's legacy could be explosive.