Thursday, April 5, 2012

Radio Prague Today 4.5.2012

Articles posted today

The Blonde Bitch Strikes Again at a Prague theatre house

The increasingly absurd world of Czech politics is proving a huge success at a small Prague theatre house which is drawing the crowds with a political cabaret based on real life politics. Actors reciting verbatim excerpts from wiretappings involving prominent politicians and statements from the scandalous trial against the de-facto leader of one of the ruling parties keep the audience in gales of laughter; a sad testimony of the sorry state of Czech politics.

Latest storm in coalition government leaves junior party weakened and divided

The storm that threatened to bring down the centre-right Czech government appears to be over, but it has left Public Affairs, the junior coalition party that started it, badly battered. As Public Affairs leaders went back to the negotiating table to debate what appear to be face-saving concessions, the smallest party in government fielded questions from reporters about the deepening split in party ranks.

New initiative calls for probe into links between politics and organized crime

A group of Czech NGOs has launched a new initiative to fight the uphill battle against corruption in the Czech Republic. Entitled You Stole Our Country, Give It Back, the initiative seeks to put Czech parliamentarians under enough public pressure to allow for a thorough probe into alleged links between politics and organized crime. The NGOs behind the new project include the Czech Helsinki Committee, the Romany advocacy group Romea, the student initiative Democracy Czech-Up as well as the Anticorruption Endowment Fund. Radio Prague spoke to the fund's founder, the businessman and philanthropist Karel Janeček and asked him what the main goals were.