Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Radio Prague Today 4.3.2012

Articles posted today

German chancellor non-confrontational on EU fiscal compact during visit to Czech capital

On a brief working visit to the Czech Republic, German chancellor Angela Merkel met with Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas and President Václav Klaus in Prague on Tuesday. Two issues dominated the agenda: a new EU fiscal compact that is being pushed by Germany as well as differing approaches to energy policy in both countries.

Merkel's former academic boss: "Angela is what we call a constant of motion"

Angela Merkel's current visit to Prague is the fifth since she became German chancellor. But Ms Merkel often stayed in Prague even before she entered politics. In the 1980s, she spent some time at the then Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences where she worked at the department of theoretical physics. Professor Rudolf Zahradník recalls the times when the future German chancellor was a member of his team.

A bit of Paris in Prague – the Bohemian coffeehouse Café Montmartre

Tucked away on Řetězová street in Prague's Old Town, Café Montmartre is one of the city's oldest coffeehouses. While it looks rather unassuming from the outside, the former cabaret has a fascinating history. Famous writers such as Franz Kafka and Egon Erwin Kisch are said to have spent many a wild night here, and Café Montmartre continues to draw artists, writers and actors. We spoke to its manager, Iva Nesvadbová, about the café's history, its guests and its upcoming anniversary.