Saturday, April 21, 2012

Radio Prague Today 4.21.2012

Articles posted today

Kitsch wins through: pop music in Czechoslovakia after 1968

The 1960s had seen a thriving musical scene in Czechoslovakia, which had been broadly tolerated by the regime, especially during the 1968 Prague Spring. With the political clampdown of the early 70s, rock and pop music were also to suffer. But this was a gradual process, and, initially at least, the communist authorities were careful not to go too far to alienate young people.

Luciela Taschen - a new leather bag brand with a brand-new showroom

It was some six years ago that Lucia Jamrichová started making crochet net bags – they became a huge success and soon, her brand Luciela Taschen was featured in magazines and newspapers. Now, Lucia has decided to take her passion for designing hand bags one step further. Her new designs are made from quality leather – and can be touched, smelled and purchased at her showroom on Letná's Veverkova street. That is where I recently met her to talk about bags, her love for crafts and fashion and what it feels like to be sitting in front of one's newly opened showroom.

Prague museum explores Journeys of Antonín Dvořák

Prague's Antonín Dvořák Museum recently reopened after renovation with a new programme dedicated to the life and work of the famous composer. Entitled The journeys of Antonín Dvořák, it offers a new look at the composer's stays abroad. It also features an exhibition on Dvořák's Czech-American friend and collaborator, Josef Jan Kovařík, who worked with Dvořák during his stay in New York.