Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Radio Prague Today 4.17.2012

Articles posted today

Pundit: Public Affairs has no future with or without Vít Bárta

The leadership of the junior coalition party Public Affairs is meeting to debate the outcome of last week's trial in which the party's informal leader Vít Bárta was found guilty of bribery. Although Mr. Bárta had promised to pull out of high politics if he did not clear his name, he now says he'll keep his seat in the lower house and he thus remains a member of the party's deputies' club. Radio Prague asked commentator Jiří Pehe for his thoughts on how this latest development may impact the government's future and who is now actually running the smallest party in government.

Pirate Parties in Prague set sails for Europe-wide political success

Cue: Pirates of the World, Unite! – that was the message at this weekend's Pirate Party International meeting in Prague, the third in the organisation's history and the first in the Czech capital. What started as a Swedish protest movement against the criminalisation of file-sharing has grown into a tangible political body, setting its sights on continent-wide success in the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Hanif Kureishi – the famous British author on Prague, Islam and multiracial societies in Europe

Undoubtedly the most famous guest at this year's Prague Writers' Festival, the British novelist, screenwriter and playwright Hanif Kureishi rose to international fame in 1985, with his screenplay for the film "My Beautiful Laundrette". Since then, he published the novel "The Buddha of Suburbia" to great acclaim and continues to write extensively, both for the screen and works of fiction. Ahead of his first reading at the festival, I asked him about his work, why he enjoys the short story form and if he had previously visited Prague.