Friday, March 9, 2012

Radio Prague Today 3.9.2012

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Business News 9.3.2012

In this week's Business News: the Czech Republic finds itself in a recession; women are earning a quarter less then their Czech counterparts; bankruptcy declaration reach a four year high; computer sales are set to soar in 2012 and a new law is giving the government the muscle to tackle shady employment practices.

Bárta trial adjourns after an ugly week

The first round of the trial of leading Public Affairs member and former transport minister Vít Bárta comes to a close on Friday. Over the course of the week no less than six past and present government ministers have taken the stand to give testimony in the biggest corruption case in recent memory, which will be adjourned on Friday while the court goes over the evidence.

Bohdan Sláma's Four Suns opens in Czech cinemas

Bohdan Sláma, born in 1967, has long been described as one of the most important up & coming directors in the Czech Republic. The filmmaker received early recognition and acclaim for work like Wild Bees, Something Like Happiness and The Country Teacher and has become known for a naturalistic social dramas with elements of comedy – a trademark he upholds in his latest movie Čtyri slunce (Four Suns), which had its US premiere earlier this year at Sundance and its European premiere at Rotterdam. On Thursday, after much anticipation, Four Suns opened in Czech cinemas.