Friday, March 30, 2012

Radio Prague Today 3.30.2012

Articles posted today

Laco Deczi – Jazz and real life in Prague and New York

American jazz trumpet player Laco Deczi - born in Czechoslovakia – needs little introduction, especially for anyone familiar with the world of jazz. At 73, Deczi hasn't let up one bit – most recently playing a month-long tour in his homeland. Despite a busy schedule, Laco took time off to come to Radio Prague' studio; in this week's Arts he discusses everything from life in New York to his spring tour.

Business News 30.3.2012

In this week's business news: The Czech Republics foreign debt has reached 1.873 trillion crowns, a survey finds Czech salaries are above the international average, a shortage of white eggs is likely to hit the country over Easter, the popularity of specialty brews is on the rise and Prague's Four Seasons hotel goes on sale.

Czech top court caps lucrative debt collecting business

The Czech Constitutional Court has delivered a breakthrough verdict which aims to put an end to a much-criticized yet lucrative business that in recent years has plagued the Czech Republic. The verdict dramatically lowers the ceiling on the costs law firms can charge for collecting small debts. That means they will no longer will able to inflate their fees which often far exceeded the original debts.