Friday, March 2, 2012

Radio Prague Today 3.2.2012

Articles posted on today

Czech Republic and Britain alone withhold signatures from EU treaty

Twenty-five of 27 EU member states signed the European Union's new fiscal compact in Brussels on Friday - but the Czechs were not among them. Prime Minister Petr Nečas together with British Prime Minister David Cameron have opted not to support the treaty, which is aimed at enforcing budget discipline in the union and prevent meltdowns within the eurozone as was seen with Greece.

Amanita Design, independent Czech games developer

Amanita Design is a Brno-based, award-winning game development studio whose creations have become a huge hit on the internet. Their games combine elements of the technical world with nature in a way not seen before. Their signature game, Samorost, takes you to a universe composed of rusty parts of old, derelict machines and mossy, gnarled stumps of rotting wood. In this edition of the Arts, we meet the studio's founder Jakub Dvorský.

Business News 2.3.2012

In this week's Business News: the most absurd bank fee is announced; a study finds that a third of young Czechs are working flexible hours; fears that eurozone unemployment could hit Czech exports; the Finance Ministry is seeking to lure investment funds into the country and Czech Railway cutbacks mean fewer train conductors.