Saturday, March 17, 2012

Radio Prague Today 3.17.2012

Articles posted today

"Sala's Gift": a whole war in a tin box

You will probably not have heard of Gross Sarne, Brande, Blechhammer or Schatzlar, but these are places that should be remembered. They were all Nazi slave labour camps in World War Two. The last on that list, Schatzlar, or Žacléř as it is known in Czech, was in what is now the Czech Republic, in the part of north-eastern Bohemia annexed by the German Reich in 1938. Few people in this country, even among the inhabitants of Žacléř itself, know that the camp even existed, but a new book should help to put that right. The daughter of one of the survivors has just been in the Czech Republic, to launch the Czech edition of her book "Sala's Gift". The book tells her mother's story, drawing richly from Sala's own memories and from several hundred letters that, against all odds, survived the war. David Vaughan tells the story.

Playing cat-and-mouse with the Soviets to keep on air

In the days immediately after the Soviet invasion in August 1968, staff at Czechoslovak Radio played a cat-and-mouse game with the occupying forces. For the first couple of days, they managed to continue broadcasting directly from the radio headquarters, despite the presence of tanks outside.

Science Journal 17.3.2012

In this edition of Science Journal: Czech physicists make the American Science magazine with an experiment on quantum walks. And the secrets of the Antarctic unfold beneath the watchful eyes of scientists from Masaryk University in Brno, who are expanding their research at James Ross Island this year.