Thursday, March 1, 2012

Radio Prague Today 3.1.2012

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My house is my castle: the best and worst in village architecture

You may know the feeling – you return to your native village after a long absence and come across an eyesore – a building that screams "money, power and influence" and sticks out like a sore thumb from its surroundings. That is the kind of building that architect and photographer Jan Kruml likens to a flashing gold tooth.

Fate of education reforms unclear after week of student protests

A week of student protests against proposed reforms of the education system culminated with mass demonstrations around the country on Wednesday. After a night spent sleeping rough on the floor of university halls and lecture rooms students and university staff took to the streets to show their discontent with reforms which they claim will reduce the autonomy of education institutions, shift the burden of funding to students and put the academic sphere under the influence of private enterprise and politicians.

Brno's Villa Tugendhat reopens after two year renovation

This week saw the completion of a two year restoration project of Villa Tugendhat, a unique functionalist villa in the city of Brno. Its history matches that of Czechoslovakia: repeat occupation, dilapidation and ultimately restoration.