Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Radio Prague Today 2.8.2012

Articles posted on today

Legislators approve changes covering denial of fatherhood

Czech lawmakers have approved changes to legislation covering the denial of fatherhood, overriding an earlier Senate veto. The amendment will extend a previous six month period for denying fatherhood (upon learning the biological parent was someone else) to three years. Experts have argued the earlier time frame was too short; at stake, of course, are not just the rights of the parent, but also of the child.

Nuclear Faith: Documentary explores Czechs' trust in nuclear energy

Two-thirds of Czechs are in favor of expanding the country's nuclear power sources and nearly half of them trust this source of energy: that was the result of a SANEP poll published briefly after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The Czech's attitude towards nuclear power remains strikingly positive compared to other European countries, such as neighboring Germany. A fresh documentary – titled Nuclear Faith – explores the country's perception of nuclear energy. Its director Ivo Bystřičan speaks about the film.

The Mánes Exhibition Hall – an icon of functionalist architecture

The functionalist Mánes Exhibition Hall, located on the right bank of the Vltava river between the bridges Jiraskův most and Most Legií, is one of only two buildings in Prague that were expressly designed to house art – the other one being the famous Rudolfinum gallery. Martin Pavala, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Czech Art Foundation, which owns it, explains that the art gallery's history started in 1930.