Friday, February 17, 2012

Radio Prague Today 2.17.2012

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Business News 17.2.2012

In this week's Business News, the Czech Republic sees a fall in truck production; household spending stagnates; January sees inflation up again; social security finds itself in the red for three years in a row and supermarkets are caught re-labelling out-of-date food.

Director Miloš Forman turns 80

Director Miloš Forman celebrates his 80th birthday on Saturday, and newspapers in his native country are full of tributes. In the small category of Czech artists who have conquered the world, Forman has a seat among the likes of Antonín Dvořák and Milan Kundera and Czechs are dulely proud of him for his success. But his approach to filmmaking and style of direction also permanently altered the course of cinematography in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, a fact we discussed earlier with Karel Och, the artistic director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

A very private universe – Helena Třeštíková's latest documentary "Soukromý vesmír"

Helena Třeštíková, the country's leading documentary maker, has released her latest project – a feature-length film titled "Soukromý vesmír", which chronicles the life of one Czech family over a remarkable time span of 37 years. By adding archive TV footage and putting the family's story into a wider context, the director was able to paint not just a family portrait, but also the portrait of a country.