Monday, February 13, 2012

Radio Prague Today 2.13.2012

Articles posted on today

International Radio Day with prize-winning journalist Jan Bednář

The fortunes of journalist Jan Bednář only beginning to unfold when he was kicked out of the School of Economics after signing the anti-communist Charter 77 and compelled to work as a night watchman for several years. The son of a dissident imprisoned for publishing samizdat literature, the regime was glad to be rid of him when he applied to leave the country in the early 80s. He went to England and was able to complete his studies in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University, from where he proceeded to join the Czechoslovak service of the BBC in 1985.

Sports News 13.2.2012

In this weeks sports news, the Czech Republic progresses to the Davis Cup quarter finals; the national hockey team sees one debacle and one triumph; Czech basketball player Jan Veselý helps his NBA team to victory and ski jumper Roman Koudelka scores a career-best jump.

Roma kids from special schools put Czech education system to shame in Great Britain

Thousands of teachers around the country are up in arms. They are unhappy about the government's plans to gradually phase out special schools – or schools for children with a mental or physical handicap – and integrate as many of these children as possible into the education mainstream.