Saturday, February 11, 2012

Radio Prague Today 2.11.2012

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Dickens and the Good Soldier Švejk

Here is a question for the Dickens bicentenary. What is the connection between the great 19th century English novelist and the best-loved Czech literary anti-hero? The answer is, surprisingly enough, that without Dickens we quite possibly wouldn't have Švejk at all. David Vaughan looks at this and some other Czech links with Dickens in this week's Czech Books.

Satchmo and the liberating power of jazz

Nothing better symbolizes the political thaw in 1960s Czechoslovakia than the boom in jazz, which many saw as embodying the very idea of individual expression and freedom from constraint. It is not hard to imagine the excitement when Louis Armstrong came to Prague in March 1965. Many people felt that Czechoslovakia had at last come in from the cold, and his concert at Prague's Lucerna Ballroom was a cultural milestone. It ended with Satchmo thanking his audience, commenting that the Czech passion for jazz had come as quite a surprise to him.

Screen Czech 11.2.2012

The undisputed most famous Czech director alive today, Milos Forman speaks about his varied career in the Czechoslovakia and in Hollywood ahead of his 80th birthday. I'll be talking to the model, singer and now actress Iva Fruhlingova about what it's like to make her screen debut and the ups and downs of working with one of the most successful Czech directors still resident in the country, Filip Renc.